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Your 'turnkey' modern slavery due diligence system

Transparency <> Traceability <> Risk management <> Remediation <> Continuous improvement

Don’t sweat modern slavery compliance.
There’s a smart way...and a silver lining...

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Despite global efforts to address slavery, numbers are

accelerating, now at over 5,000 each day - mostly

women and children. In response, major governments

are aligning to ratchet up pressure on business to fix

the problem. But business can’t do it alone. This

explains why companies globally are struggling

with compliance. Pressure is mounting on

all sides for companies and directors.


Modern slavery experts have identified why current efforts are failing. Solving complex, system-level problems like modern slavery requires all the system’s participants to collaboratively make the changes necessary. Everyone has a role to play. SlaveCheck
was designed to address the existing system shortcomings and lead, coordinate and

manage these collaborations.


Modern slavery compliance is a process.
The SlaveCheck due diligence process is adapt-
able for any anti-slavery legislation globally. As soon
as you implement SlaveCheck, your organisation
is not only compliant in any jurisdiction, but you
can start to capture the ‘silver lining’: building socially
responsible brand value - your staff, customers

partners, investors and communities being proud to
be associated with your organisation; proven sales

growth; risk management for your brand and directors; maintain / attract investors; supply chain innovation.


Less than you’re probably imagining.
Maybe less than you’re currently spending.
Many companies have been investing consid-

erable resources in anti-slavery initiatives that are not
supporting compliance and are making no difference

to the global slavery problem. You can avoid this with SlaveCheck: our ‘profit-for-purpose’ business model

means reporting entities pay a fee-per-supplier; it’s free

for everyone else, including your suppliers; and for in-

field remediation initiatives, The SlaveCheck Foundation

engages NGOs and crowdfunds the programs.

Let SlaveCheck take care of modern slavery. You focus on your business.

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