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About SlaveCheck

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SlaveCheck was founded by Tim Murray who runs the company as Executive Chairman. Originally training as a Civil Engineer, Tim left construction management in 1990 and since then has been applying technology to solve complex, system-level problems for business, government and civil society.

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SlaveCheck is a Collective Intelligence solution designed to address shortcomings in the global modern slavery elimination program that had been identified by NGOs, modern slavery experts and research organizations.

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The result is a SaaS technology solution with a two-part 'profit for purpose’ business model:

1. Generating profits from businesses using the SVIR™ platform to systematize modern slavery compliance;

2. Reinvesting profits into providing a 'Solutions Platform' - technology, data analytics, training and support at no cost - to NGOs and other modern slavery stakeholders involved in eliminating modern slavery.

SlaveCheck's Purpose is:


To lead, coordinate and manage the systematic elimination of modern slavery.


SlaveCheck is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

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