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About SlaveCheck-for-Business

The SlaveCheck Solution is comprised of two organizations, and powered by a 'Profit-for-Purpose' business model:

Just as you can’t do EFT without a bank (clearinghouse) in the middle, companies can’t sustainably achieve modern slavery compliance without a clearinghouse in the middle.

SlaveCheck is that clearinghouse, designed to exchange the information and coordinate the collaborations necessary to not only achieve compliance, but to also lead, coordinate and manage the systematic elimination of modern slavery.

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The SlaveCheck-for-Business pitch in a nutshell...

Modern slavery compliance is a process.

The SlaveCheck process is flexible and adaptable to cover any anti-slavery legislation globally.

As soon as you implement SlaveCheck, your organisation is not only compliant, but you'll be seen as a responsible participant in global efforts to eliminate modern slavery

Let SlaveCheck take care of modern slavery, you get on with running your business

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SlaveCheck Pty Ltd was founded by Tim Murray who runs the company as Chairman and CEO.

SlaveCheck is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

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