I'm a Supplier, what's in it
for me?

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You’ve received an email invitation from one of your Customers - inviting you to participate in the SlaveCheck platform - and you’re wondering, what’s this all about?

Firstly, do you know about the modern slavery problem? It’s hidden away, deep in supply chains, which is why few people did know about it before the UK Modern Slavery Act was passed in 2015 and the media started to report on it and companies started to respond to it. The homepage provides an overview of the problem, the challenges and how SlaveCheck was designed to address them.

The invitation you received is likely part of the process your Customer is going through to comply with the Australian Modern Slavery Act. MSA was passed in Australia in 2018 and requires companies with over $100m revenue (‘Reporting Entities’) to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains, and the actions they’ve taken to address those risks.

Your Customers can’t comply with MSA without your assistance. Fortunately, SlaveCheck has made it

free, simple and useful


for your business to do its +bit in ridding the world of this modern-day scourge.


1. It’s Free

SlaveCheck is free for Suppliers. As a Free User, you’ll be able to do all you need to do to assist your Customers to comply with MSA.

2. It’s Simple

You register your Organisation, complete your Slavery Risk Profile (‘SRP’), invite your Suppliers to do the same, and your done for the year. After the first year, it should only take you a few hours each year to keep your SRP up to date.

3. It’s The Right Thing To Do

​The G20 countries – the world’s 20 wealthiest, most advanced economies – import the bulk of slave-made goods. While it’s less than 5% of our imported goods, we are the ones enabling the callous exploitation of a global subclass of humanity – 40 million people, 10 million of them children. When the cost to fix the problem is so negligible (see next point), it just feels like the right thing to do.


4. It Will Cost Next to Nothing to Fix The Problem

Various experts have estimated the cost to fix the problem – to pay the victims a ‘living wage’ – at between 0.1%-1% of the price of the goods to the end-consumer. That’s half a cent to five cents on a $5 T-shirt.

5. Protect Your Business From ‘Death by Audit’

A Supplier in the UK coined the phrase ‘death by audit’ after his Customers put him through 30 separate audits in one year. With SlaveCheck, you build and maintain one ‘Slavery Risk Profile’ which you can share online with whoever you choose – customers, investors, business partners.

6. Team Effort Required

MSA defines a ‘supply chain’ as all products, services and people involved in getting a product from the sources of its raw materials, all the way through to an end-consumer. Investigating supply chains will therefore take a massive team effort with Suppliers exchanging information with their Suppliers, and so on down the supply chain. SlaveCheck’s SVIR (Sequential Voluntary Inter-Company Relay™) System was designed specifically to make it free, simple and useful for each Supplier to do their bit in the process.

7. Avoid Losing Business / Attract New Customers

Your Customers are under increasing pressure to properly address modern slavery – not just from the legislation but also from increasingly ethical consumers and investors. If just one Supplier in the supply chain doesn’t do their bit - ignores the global call to arms to address modern slavery and refuses to work with their Customers - at some stage the Reporting Entity at the end of the supply chain will have no choice but to find an alternative source that does provide transparency around its modern slavery risks.

8. Increase Sales

Research shows that products clearly labelled with information about fair labour standards realised 14% higher sales than those that didn’t.

9. Pride & Brand Value

Once you’ve done two years on SlaveCheck - and can demonstrate compliance with MSA – you can take pride and showcase the ethical and responsible credentials of your culture and your brand by including the ‘slavechecked’ icon as part of your branding and marketing communications.

10. Inspire Others to Make a Difference

Your involvement with SlaveCheck may inspire some of your stakeholders – staff, customers, business partners, industry body, community, investors – to explore a deeper ‘pro bono’ involvement in eliminating modern slavery through some of the in-field programs and industry initiatives that SlaveCheck leads, coordinates and manages. These are crowdfunded initiatives run through the platform so there’s no travel involved, no time away from ‘day jobs’ or additional cost for your company.


If you’re interested to find out more, please contact us.