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SlaveCheck is free for all Users except Reporting Entities*

*organizations obligated under anti-slavery legislation to provide annual modern slavery statements

There are two types of SlaveCheck User Plans: Free and Paid.

  • A Free Plan is sufficient for a Supplier to support their Customers' needs in preparing their annual modern slavery statement.

  • Reporting Entities require a Paid Plan in order to comply with the Modern Slavery Act. There are two components to the fees:

        1. for compliance processes within your direct operational network ('DON') ie your operations, Tier-1 Suppliers, and if you have
            subsidiary companies, these companies and their Tier-1 Suppliers. Remediation efforts within DON are the responsibility of
           the Reporting Entity.

        2. for compliance efforts outside your DON ie beyond Tier-1 Suppliers, all the way back to supply chain sources. Because of
            the nature of this work, this component of the fees can be booked as a 'social impact investment'.

You can compare the functionality available under each Plan in the table below.

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Any organization can choose to take out a Paid Plan. Fees depend upon a range of factors including annual revenue, number of Suppliers and number of business Customers (ie if your company is a Supplier to other businesses).

Whether you're a Reporting Entity or a Buyer-Supplier somewhere in the supply chain who is not mandated to comply with the Act but is interested in voluntarily doing so, or you're interested in some of the Paid features in the table above, please contact us here to discuss pricing: